Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Zoo Trip

Zoo Trip

Alice was in Mr Sargisson's Group and Ivan was in Olivia G's Group. We got to the zoo by bus it took along time to get there. We learnt about animal habitats and adaptations about animals. The zoo was very fun. We both enjoyed going to the zoo, and every group had to learn about animal adaptations and habitats

By Alice and Ivan

Awesome Teacher!!!!!

Our  teacher is Mr Sargisson

Hi my name is Olivia
Hi my name is Owen

Mr Sargisson loves to teach kids maths and lots of other things.
He is very good on the computer and knows lots of tricks.
He is very sporty.

Olivia and Owen

Awsome Term 1

Hi, I am Olivia. And I am Domnic.
This year we have the most awsomest teacher in the whole universe. His name is Mr Sargisson.
This term our topic is identity. One day a week Mrs Bon comes into our classroom to do art with us.on the first week we painted a tree. Another week we painted the sky and the sea.

Olivia and Dominic

Our Trip to the Zoo.

In week nine the senior sydnicate went to the zoo. We got into different groups and had to choose three different animals and reasearch their adaptations. We had to walk around the zoo and look at the animals adaptations and write them down in our spelling notebook. We also had to draw them in our notebook. After we had eaten our morning tea we went into a classroom.
A man called John was the teacher. The classroom had lots of different stuffed animals.There were beanbags that we could sit on. John talked to us about animals adaptations . Then a lady called Leticia came and showed us a inland beared dragon called Patterson . She let us stroke him and then talked to us about him.She put him back and the we were allowed to  look aroud the class.Then we went to a big field and had lunch. Then we looked around the zoo a little bit more and then we went back to school.It was a very fun day!!!!!!!!      

By Caitlin and Ethan