Thursday, 26 May 2011

Room 3's Middle Ages Village

This was the 1st step of making Room 3's Middle Ages Village

This was the 2nd step, after we painted  on grass, a river and lake, and farmland. We have also stuck on a bridge and some trees.
Now we have finished our Middle Ages village and it's looking really cool.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

the antartic curse

In the freezing centre of Antarctica, I was a normal girl with bright green eyes and brown flowing hair, until pirates came and took my father, who was a king, with brown hair and eyes, and killed my mother, who was a queen with blond hair and blue eyes ... 

Tom and Amy on viking and Dragon island By:Terence

One sunny day on a island full of dragons and vikings there was detective a female and her name was Amy and a Ranger and his name was Tom. On that day that day the two friends Tom and Amy were walking along the island.While they were walking along the island a viking came out a bush and stared charging at Tom and Amy.Tom took out his weapon which was a bow and arrow and he pulled back his arrow and released and the arrow viking in the heart and the viking died so they kept walking along the island...
One day on a island full of dragons and vikings.There was a female detective and she  is called Olivia. She is a sneaky cleaver person and she is actually a female assassin disguised as a female detective. Her latest plan is to kill the vikings king and the dragons king...

The curse - By Andrea

In Antarctica ,there was a baby Princess , a King and the Knigh called Axel.  One day ,an ugly dwarf cast a spell on the King and Princess.
In texas there was a female detective named Georga who is a tom boy , she hates being called Georga so she's called George. She has brown long hair she's always muddy when you see her and she's always wearing her detective gear she has a helper  his name is Legalus his Father owns a miedieval ages shop. Legalus' favorite weapon is the bow 'n arrow he is a prow with it and he always gets a bull's-eye and has long long white hair and he wears olden day clothes he always takes his bow 'n arrow with him when george calls him. One day some men found a new island but they went missing so George and Legalus were sent to where the mens ships satilite was. 

Bobby the Pebble

One stormy day there lived a living pebble named Bobby. He was a dark pink pebble and was only one center meter long. He was famous for three reasons one he could see, two he was actually pink and three he could hop to move. He lived in a teeny tiny camouflaged house and it was a cube shaped house and was thirty-five center meters long.One day he went out to the castle to get some crumbs for the week but what he didn't know was that this castle was owned by King Henry VII. 

Arthur in the dungon-by Ethan

one blustery stormy night knight Arthur was riding on  his horse on his way to king Peter when a celtic warrior shot Arthur and gets put in a dungon but he finds a secret passage and escapes

The Beast And The Cursed Prince

One spooky night there was a prince who got kicked out of the castle and got sent into the Dark Murky Forest the most scariest forest in the world. Axel the princes master kicked him out so he could become prince because he was just a warrior. The princes name was called Planter because when he was a baby he always dug him self in the soil. When he was one his parents died by a beast...

Mojo the pebble and a island full of vikings and dragons-By Xin Ping

One sunny Morning,there lived a pebble his name was called Mojo the pebble...

Crystal and Blue Ear's bad day

One spooky day there lived a princess and a King. They lived in a huge castle. One day  Princess Crystal gets cursed...
By; Olivia G

The Broken Spaceship By: Joshua

On one spooky night there was a cursed princess who lived in a big scary castle in the middle of a town.She had brown hair and blue eyes. One day a dragon entered the town he was a hydra he liked the cursed princess. So every day the hydra would gaze upon the princess.

The war of Antarctica - By Kiara

In the freezing outskirts of Antarctica there was only one village. In the village, there was a beautiful Princess. She had black hair, and always wore a green coat. The people who lived there, were called "The Intas."...

The Stolen Flower By: Nicole

A long time ago there lived a young cursed princess. She lived with a young cursed king they lived right in the middle of Antartica. The princess had long blonde hair with little strips of brown. She had eyes as blue as the sea and she was 16.

Mojo the pebble and a island of drgons-By Xin Ping

one sunny morning there lived mojo the pebble ,mojo was always keen to get a badge...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Awesome Teacher and best class

Mr Sargisson is the most awesome teacher with the best class in the world.
We have had the most fun in learning like maths, reading, english, unit study, wrighting and science
but the most fun is maths because  Mr Sargisson makes it so easy.