Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A tigers breakfast

Once I went to a forest and met a tiger. Then a few seconds later the tiger spoke. He said his name was jasal. He wanted some breakfast and he wanted a cow...

Mrs Bon's tofees

Mrs Bons toffees are the best. they are yellow and circular. she gives them out when people are good.
we just love mrs bons tofees.
olivia and peter


In Egypt I went to see the great pyramids. We saw a mummy  and it started  moving and got up and  then a Nana crashed in to the walls of Egypt and started fighting . And then both of them collapsed, fell and died together!!!!!!!!!

Term 3

In room 3 we're having a speech competition. we have to rate other children's speeches out of 50.Oliva's topic was chocolate, Dominic's topic was magnets and  Lawrence's topic was World War II. Our topic for this term is fabric and fibres.

the school production by Christeen,Ivan,and Reece

On Monday,Tuesday and Friday  our school had a production .the boys had to with girls.we had to wear lipstick and foundation .Our dance was last.


Apple is awesome the Mac air. It has only 48 viruses known

Demi Lovato

I really like her movie on Camp Rock (The new one), It's really cool!
I like the Camp Rock the this is me song most, but... They lost the competition.
Really sad! I just wish they won against the evil camp star.
Hope that one day I meet her! Though I do not have posters, I always watch the movie over and over again.

Making catapults

Last term the senior syndicate made siege weapons and we battled in the hall. It was an awesome battle and I say Room 3 won...


Throughout this week we are saying our speeches. On the 2nd of August 7 students did their speeches and the rest of the students had to rate it out of 50. The next day some more students did their speeches and the rest had to rate again. The whole senior school also had to do their speeches.

The hoildays are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

The holidays were awsome!!! We went to New York City. We went to Central park Zoo and saw Toucans, Red pandas and Polar bears. After that we went to the Empire State Building........


This term we are doing speeches. My topic is karate, I like karate because you learn lots of things and you can learn to block and stretch. My favourite thing is that you can do lots of running I have a belt that is yellow with white striped belt.

Sport is Awesome!

Who ever invented sport is awesome, the running, the passing, the hitting and more. I play tackle rugby, Cricket, Athletics and I also do swimming. My favourite sporting team is the All Blacks.  

I love netball! I play it in my backyard everyday with my Sister.  


This term we are doing speeches. Each person in our class is doing a different speech topic that they came up with. Two people from the senior classes will win against their class and, if they get the highest score they will verse the other senior classes, then would say their speech, in front of the whole school and, if they win that they would compete against different schools.

Owen is doing his speech on the future. Alice is doing her speech on homework. We are excited and nervous about this.

By Owen and Alice

Selena Gomez

I am crazy about Selena Gomez, and I am her biggest fan ever!
I have eight of her Cd's four DVDs and I would do anything to meet her!
To me she's the coolest and best person in the world!
I imagine we are best friends, and she has got awesome trends And she is the best role model and I admire her!When I grow up I want to be a pop star!